VMware iSCSI Configs

To install the Equallogic Multi Pathing Module

SCP the zipped vib to a location accessible by your vHost.

dell-eql-mem-esx5- to vHost01

Then SSH to the vHost and run the following command, editing for your location

~ # esxcli software vib install –depot /vmfs/volumes/*****/dell-eql-mem-esx5-

You’ll see the result similar to below (from an older version installed)

Installation Result
Message: Operation finished successfully.
Reboot Required: false
VIBs Installed: Dell_bootbank_dell-eql-host-connection-mgr_1.1.1-268843, Dell_bootbank_dell-eql-hostprofile_1.1.0-212190, Dell_bootbank_dell-eql-routed-psp_1.1.1-262227

Once you’re running equallogic storage multi pathing module run

esxcli equallogic param list

————— —– —– — ———————————————
TotalSessions 512 1024 64 Max number of sessions per host.
VolumeSessions 12 12 1 Max number of sessions per volume.
MemberSessions 4 4 1 Max number of sessions per member per volume.
MinAdapterSpeed 1000 10000 10 Minimum adapter speed for iSCSI multipathing.
~ # esxcli equallogic param set -n=VolumeSessions -v=12
~ # esxcli equallogic param set -n=MemberSessions -v=4

run those two esxcli statements on ssh.

your member sessions are probably 2 and the volume sessions are probably 4 or 6

then rescan the paths on ths iscsi software adapter, you should triple the paths


After updating the mpm config on my vhosts


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