Setting Up a New CRM Service, SuiteCRM

PHP Notice: Undefined index: custom in /var/www/html/themes/Suite7/css/colourSelector.php on line 95, referer:
PHP Notice: Undefined index: modlink in /var/www/html/themes/Suite7/css/colourSelector.php on line 70, referer:

I was getting these errors in my apache log, I am sure due to fact I changed colors in the theme, which I think is a real neat way of modifying the theme or this also happens when you use standard theme colors, which it probably does.

To get rid of this, i added to /var/www/html/config_override.php the following two lines:

$sugar_config['colourselector']['modlink'] = 'EEEEEE';
$sugar_config['colourselector']['custom'] = 'EEEEEE';

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