Port Mirroring on a Force10 S50v

I wanted to mirror the traffic received and sent on port 0/48 of the Force10 S50v switch to port 0/44 on the same switch. Notice that I do not have to add port 0/44 to any vlan in order to use it for the destination for port mirroring; however, I do have to make sure it has “no ip address” and “no shutdown” configured. Now that all the physical connections are made, I setup port mirroring on the Force10 S50v switch as shown below.

– enable
– config
– monitor session 0
– source gigabitethernet 0/48 destination gigabitethernet 0/44 direction both

Once I get around to setting up the lagg, I would change the monitor session 0 to

source port-channel 128 destination gigabitethernet 0/44 direction both

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