Locked Out of WordPress due to Google Authenticator

Locked OuI got locked out of my WordPress Site recently due to messing about with Google Authenticator and I needed to disable the plugin.
To do this, open an FTP session to your WordPress and locate the folder below


If you rename the ‘google-authenticator’ folder to ‘_google-authenticator’ this will disable the plugin.

Login to your WordPress as normal then open the plugins.

Now from the FTP rename the ‘_google-authenticator’ back to ‘google-authenticator’ and in your web-browser click the plugins tab again the google-authenticator plugin will now be de-activated, you can re-activate it and go into your user account to re-configure.

If you watch this video from beginning to end on Google Authenticator it does step you through setting-up another admin account while you test everything in case this happens so you do not lock yourself out. You then delete the second (non Google Authenticator active) admin account once you have everything verified working okay.

See the video guide here :- http://www.mocialsedia.com/installation-essentials-for-wordpress/ it is the last one on the page video 3 on Google Authenticator.

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