Myriad Development, Inc.

IT Director

Dates Employed – Sep 2012 – February 2019
Employment Duration- 6 yrs 5 mos
Location – Austin, Texas Area
Myriad Development is a data warehousing company for the insurance industry, they consume lots of drive space with huge databases which are used to analyze hazards for insurance consideration.
I am the Director of Information Systems for this company. Pardon the non specifics of this endeavor, we kept our secrets close.

We created a private cloud infrastructure that could be easily managed by a lay person. Redundant Switches connecting several vHosts and iSCSI storage host all the assets running in a vmWare environment. Operating systems used are/were Windows, and Linux.
Additional major project was to assist on a hardware level to convert Oracle 9i running on Solaris 9 to the latest version of Oracle running on a Linux x64 bit architecture in vmWare. We have also implemented a remote DR (Disaster Recovery) site several states away utilizing Redundant Switchgear, iSCSI Storage and several vHosts.
Implementation of hardware and software standards with centralized control:
Spacewalk 2.7
CheckMK 1.4
Windows GPO
VMware upgrade 5.5to 6.5U1
TenGB Switchgear with multi layer vlan config
VMware Horizon View
Recent implementation of Datrium Storage Systems on 25GB storage network
Integration with Corelogic, a company which acquired Myriad over a 6 month period