Frickin vRanger

I’ve updated our system to of vRanger Backup and Replication and found a really confounding bug – or problem with it.
We were rolling along just fine with backups worked, Everyone was happy. Then disaster happened: we lost a drive in the SAN and the database that held our logs was gone. I’m the kind of guy that likes to make things better, so with a chance to upgrade our software, since our backup logs were lost, I thought what better time to do so than now. YAY. Well when you go to make a new repository in vRanger, you’ve got to pay attention to the CaPiTaLiZaTiOn of your path, such that \\backupdevice\dir\backupfolder is not by chance \\backupdevice\dir\BackupFolder as was my case using either NFS or CIFS. Backups were failing with the message: “Backup failed: Error: 2258 – FATAL cifs_cant_mkdir CIFS can’t create the directory cifs:localhost;admin@backupdevice/public/backup/* (No such file or directory) [at cifs_mkdir:615″ where I should have had “backupdevice/public/Backup”
Oh the maddness ensues because when I went back through the installation, vRanger validates the path as correct!!! This happens on the vRanger Virtual Appliance (vRanger-VA). SO, if you get that message on a fresh install, check your path statement. – OR just use all lower case letters.

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