Forgotten the Password for Your RSA SecureID SuperAdmin Account?

In order to reset the password for the Admin account, we could create a temporary superadmin account (i.e. tempAdmin).

Run the superadmin restoration utility via CLI/ serial console:

  1. Login using the account emcsrv and key in the password when prompted.
  1. Change to root and key in the password when prompted:

sudo su

  1. Navigate to the directory where the superadmin restoration utility resides to create the temporary superadmin account:

cd /usr/opt/rsa/am/utils

./rsautil restore-admin –u [tempadmin_name] –p [password]

[tempadmin_name] – the temporary superadmin account to be created

[password] – the password for the temporary superadmin account

Enter Master Password: **********

A temporary admin will be created with the user ID ‘tempAdmin’.

Are you sure you want to continue (Y/N): Y

Admin created successfully.

  1. Login to the Security Console using the created account tempAdmin.
  1. Go to Identity > Users > Manage Existing and search for the superadmin account whose password need to be reset.
  1. From the Context menu, select Edit and scroll to the section labelled as Password.
  1. Key in the desired password for this superadmin account and click Save.

Note that the temporary superadmin account created will expire in 24 hours.

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