Cron Jobs on VMware Hosts

This explains how to add a cron job to VMware in such a way that it will still be there after reboots.

Having enabled ssh access to your ESX/ESXi server, ssh in as root.

First, add the cron job to the root crontab:

1. Edit /var/spool/cron/crontabs/root
2. Add the line (all on one line)
5 0 * * * /full/path/to/script arguments/with/full/path > /full/path/to/logfile 2>&1
3. When you quit, use Esc, :wq! to override the read only attribute.

For details of the meaning of “5 0 * * *” (5 minutes past midnight every day) read the man page for crontab(5) on any Unix/Linux server, or else on the web.

Now, add a command to /etc/rc.local to re-generate the cron job when ESX/ESXi reboots

1. Edit /etc/rc.local, using a command such as “vi /etc/rc.local”.
2. At the end of the file, add 3 lines (using “G” then “O” in vi). The first kills crond, the second adds the new cron job to the root crontab file, ad the third restarts crond:
/bin/kill $(cat /var/run/crond.pid)
/bin/echo ’5 0 * * * /full/path/to/script arguments/with/full/path > /full/path/to/logfile 2>&1′ >> /var/spool/cron/crontabs/root
/bin/busybox crond
3. Save and exit the editor (Press the “Esc” key then “:wq” then press “Return” in vi)
4. Run the command “auto-backup.sh” so that the change to /etc/rc.local survives a reboot.

Every time you change the cron job, remember to update /etc/rc.local as well and run the “auto-backup.sh” command to backup the new /etc/rc.local file.

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